Lessons with Tamboura Baptiste

Whether you are coming to me as a young beginner, an older beginner, a teenager at an intermediate level, or somewhere in between, I am excited to work with you. I have always had a passion for music and am looking forward to sharing that passion with you.


A bit of information about myself...I started as a youngster (6 years old) training at a school called the Third Street music school in lower Manhattan, New York. It was an every Saturday affair and my very first teacher was Chris Pors. I trained with a method called the Suzuki method, a method founded by a man named Shinichi Suzuki who emphasized that talent can be "developed", that anybody - particularly children, given a sound environment and discipline can become adept at music or at any other trade for that matter. Within the Suzuki method, I also learned early on how to play by memory and would periodically perform the songs from the curriculum as I went along. As the years progressed, I continued with the Suzuki method, progressing from one book to the other (there are 10 in total), learning to read and play the increasingly difficult Classical music repertoire. My teacher for the more advanced repertoire was a teacher by the name of Alice Kanack who had worked with Dr. Suzuki himself in Japan prior to teaching at Third street. Around 12 years old, still at the Third Street music school, I left the Suzuki method (around book 6 or so) and learned to play and perform Classical pieces outside of the Suzuki curriculum - pieces like “Praeludium and Allegro” by Fritz Kreisler and “Baal Shem” by Ernest Bloch...amongst others.


For my academic high school studies, I attended a

boarding school in Connecticut called Hotchkiss.

For my college studies, I left the east coast to attend

Pomona college in Claremont, California. In college I

decided to put the violin down and explore other

things like, for example, trying to be a doctor, and then during

my sophomore year putting down the whole pre-med thing 

and deciding to take theater classes instead. I would fall in

love with acting and decided to major in theater performance.

Once I graduated college, it felt natural, being in Los Angeles

and having a Bachelor's degree in theater, to make the transition

to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. And that I did.



Since graduating college, I have pursued Hollywood not just as an actor, but as a writer, filmmaker and musician. It has been a very adventurous and magical journey with scattered breakthroughs as a commercial actor and becoming a freelance violinist. I street perform, play weddings, cocktail parties, do recordings and also teach. I also have two kids who are currently attending Burbank high school.

As your teacher, I will most likely use the same Suzuki method for song selection, however, I am not stuck to the Suzuki curriculum of songs and would be willing to go away from it according to the needs and wishes of you as my student. The main thing is that I will dedicate myself to your learning and growing as a musician and give as much personal attention as I can to your sensibility and needs.


Lesson video: About me, teaching syle, etc.

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Rates (in home)

$25 - 30 minutes

$30 - 45 minutes

$35 - 60 minutes

travel charge of $5-$25 depending on location


I teach all ages, from beginner to intermediate

Student List

Bella Woldanski (2017-present)

Chloe Bohlmann (2017)

Ty Kramer-Watson (2017)

Christopher Taylor (2015)

Becca Rose 2013-2014


Lesson with Ty - August, 2017